Rise Woman Rise.

  A door that constantly revolved. Never the same suitor would she see. One man in...another out, Her mother was defiant of morality. From babe to teen...into a young woman she evolved. Unaware of her value to the world Of security and virtue was she robbed As her desolate circle of life unfurled. He shattered her fragile

Two Million Dollar Baby Boy

  Kevin and Kathy Martin have been married for twenty-two years. They are natives of Louisiana. Kevin is from Columbia and Kathy is from the neighboring community of Grayson. Keiland is their miracle son. He was born at twenty-three weeks. The Doctors shared the statistics for babies born before the twenty-four week

His Journey Begins.

  Terry Charleston II is a native of Dallas, Texas. He graduated from West Mesquite High School in 2012. Terry was recognized for his academic achievements in High School and became the recipient of a full scholarship to the University of Texas in Denton. He continues to chart his path and excel in

Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

Inducted into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame. In 2007, Pamela Kelly-Flowers was inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. Pam was married to Nathan Flowers Sr. for 23 years and they have two sons. Nathan Jr. and Johnathan. AWARDS AND HONORS: 1981 – AIAW National Division I Championship Title finishing

Maurice “Man” Lauchner

  As one of the most soulful and distinctive voices in Inspirational music today, Maurice “Man” Lauchner offers a refreshing interpretation of God’s Love through song. Maurice was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised among some of the finest singers in the area. Even as a young man, Maurice had the


  Concerning single females on a quest for true genuine love, each bachelorette herself has to converge as 'A COMMITTE OF ONE'.  Now this may initially sound oxymoronic because a committee is a group of persons consisting of three or more, delegated to consider a specific matter and execute a plan

Event Photos

This page is different Events that Amps Dallas Has Covered.    2017 Dub Car Show    2017 Texas International Hair Show   Christian Keys Book Signing

Who Is She?

  Renee Lawless currently stars as Katheryn Cryer on Tyler Perry’s “The Have and Have Nots. The series airs on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network and follows three families and their lifestyles as they intersect with one another in Savannah, Georgia. The rich and powerful Cryer and Harrington families dubbed the “Haves”

Anastasia “The Bold” Bolden – Host-Comedian-Writer

  Anastasia “The Bold” is the hottest and most sought after comedienne in the south. This young lady is an extraordinary comedienne. She has the exceptional ability to captivate an audience from any background. Her versatile comedic delivery style and stage presence is amazing. Anastasia prides herself on her ability to customize

Ted Williams “The Man With The Golden Voice”

  Ted Williams, nicknamed Ted “Golden Voice” Williams, is an American radio host and voice-over artist. In January 2011, with very few possessions other than a handwritten sign, Ted stood in the cold at a busy intersection is Columbus, Ohio. He was broke, homeless, fighting addiction and left standing on a