Who Is She?

  Renee Lawless currently stars as Katheryn Cryer on Tyler Perry’s “The Have and Have Nots. The series airs on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network and follows three families and their lifestyles as they intersect with one another in Savannah, Georgia. The rich and powerful Cryer and Harrington families dubbed the “Haves”

Ted Williams “The Man With The Golden Voice”

  Ted Williams, nicknamed Ted “Golden Voice” Williams, is an American radio host and voice-over artist. In January 2011, with very few possessions other than a handwritten sign, Ted stood in the cold at a busy intersection is Columbus, Ohio. He was broke, homeless, fighting addiction and left standing on a

The Face Behind AMPS Magazine – Dallas

Connie Morgan is a native of Columbia, Louisiana. Growing up in a small town has its advantages and disadvantages. Outside of school activities, there wasn’t much to do. But there was always a very strong sense of community support. Everyone is a part of the family. Connie started playing basketball

Vincent Tucker

Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker is an entrepreneur, humanitarian and multi-faceted entertainer, promoter, event host and MC, radio and TV personality. AMPS: We interviewed you a few years ago and you shared a very interesting story with us about your family dynamics. How is the relationship with your family now? Vincent: As I

Joshua White

Joshua White, from Irving Texas, is a star in the making. His career began at the early age of six and has shown upward mobility from the beginning. Joshua has already been cast in TV commercials, the Barney Show and the stage play “A Raisin in the Sun”. Joshua has

Cheyenne Bo – Food Sex & Peace of Mind

  Most people that give advice add their 2 cents to situations that they have never experienced personally. Advice expert Cheyenne Bo stock does not have that problem as he has lived a life that has been filled with low points and highlights. The Texas Wesleyan University graduate was not only

Dramatic castaway as real life experience

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