Dr. Shana Lewis

Dr. Shana D. Lewis is an award winning licensed professional counselor, motivational speaker, and author originally from Memphis, TN. Dr. Lewis discovered her passion for helping others while taking an introductory psychology course in her undergraduate curriculum. Initially majoring in business, Dr. Lewis quickly changed her major to psychology after

Dr. Ossie McKinney

Rev. Dr. Ossie McKinney is the daughter of the late Johnnie and Emma Mack. She was born in St. Louis, MO, and raised in Columbia, LA where she graduated from Caldwell High School. She began taking piano lessons at the age of eight and was a church musician by the

LaTavia Roberson

LaTavia Marie Roberson is a 2x Grammy Award winning artist known as an original member of multiplatinum group Destiny's Child. An entertainment industry veteran since childhood, LaTavia landed her first national campaign as the face of "Just For Me" at age 8! That same year she became fast friends with a young Beyoncé Knowles

Cops And Barbers

     Shaun “Lucky” Corbett was born on May 1 in Brooklyn, New York and currently resides in Charlotte, N.C. Corbett is a husband, proud father of 4 children and passionate owner of Da Lucky Spot Barbershop. Shaun’s passion for hair emerged when he was 13 and continues to drive his


Angela Robinson a native of Jacksonville, FL, is best-known as The Ice Queen Veronica Harrington of Tyler Perry's The Haves and The Have Nots.  For her work as Veronica she is the 2015 recipient of the Gracie Award (Best Female Actress - One to Watch). Angela has worked on Broadway, off

Monroe’s Very Own BJ Bell.

While the rest of the country thinks about ‘Duck Dynasty’ when the city of Monroe is mentioned, BJ Bell has taken the task to highlight more events and culture of the Northeast Louisiana City. The former University of Louisiana at Monroe student has built a resume that includes assistant coaching

Rise Woman Rise.

  A door that constantly revolved. Never the same suitor would she see. One man in...another out, Her mother was defiant of morality. From babe to teen...into a young woman she evolved. Unaware of her value to the world Of security and virtue was she robbed As her desolate circle of life unfurled. He shattered her fragile

Two Million Dollar Baby Boy

  Kevin and Kathy Martin have been married for twenty-two years. They are natives of Louisiana. Kevin is from Columbia and Kathy is from the neighboring community of Grayson. Keiland is their miracle son. He was born at twenty-three weeks. The Doctors shared the statistics for babies born before the twenty-four week

His Journey Begins.

  Terry Charleston II is a native of Dallas, Texas. He graduated from West Mesquite High School in 2012. Terry was recognized for his academic achievements in High School and became the recipient of a full scholarship to the University of Texas in Denton. He continues to chart his path and excel in


  Concerning single females on a quest for true genuine love, each bachelorette herself has to converge as 'A COMMITTE OF ONE'.  Now this may initially sound oxymoronic because a committee is a group of persons consisting of three or more, delegated to consider a specific matter and execute a plan