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Tanisha Shaw is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach from Indianapolis, Indiana who wanted to use these passions to start her journey into bodybuilding. As a child Tanisha has always admired the sport and the way people could shape and mold their bodies through fitness and training. With Tanisha’s background and training this sport seemed like the best fit for her. Tanisha took a leap of faith and began training to compete in bodybuilding competitions. It has been one of the best decisions she could have ever made and she loves every minute of it.

Amps: How did you get started in body building?

Tanisha: In 2015 I started participating in Group Training classes at a private gym. The owner had several bodybuilding trophies displayed which made for great conversation. On multiple occasions we chatted about the sport then he told me I should compete. I took the leap and have been hooked ever since.
 Amps: Why did you do body building, of all things?

Tanisha: I like to work out and do activities that are fitness related. I’m also fascinated with our ability to shape the human body through resistance training and nutrition. Body building just seemed like the obvious sport for me. Lastly, as a kid I would watch fitness competitions on TV along with American Gladiators. I wanted to be strong, fit, and muscular like those women!
 Amps: Can you tell us a little about who Tanisha is and her background?

Tanisha: I have a passion for fitness and helping people achieve their goals. I married the two by becoming a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. When I’m not doing something fitness related I’m reading, spending quality time with family/friends, or eating delicious food at a local restaurant. I’m a foodie!
 Amps: You competed in two different competitions this past fall; what where they and what position did you place?

Tanisha: This past fall I competed in the Bikini division in Kentucky and Indiana. 
 Natural Kentucky – 1st in Masters 35 and 3rd in Open Class A
 Natural Indiana – 3rd in Masters 35+ and 1st in Open Class A
Amps: What are some of your beliefs in life as for as health and fitness?

Tanisha: Improved health and fitness isn’t an all or nothing approach. You don’t have to become vegan or run miles a few times a week to be successful. Creating sustainable habits that fit your lifestyle is more feasible. For example, if you live a sedentary life create a habit of walking a few minutes daily. Gradually increase the time until you can walk a total of 30 minutes a day. What we eat has a far greater impact on our body composition than exercise. With that being said I don’t think there are any “bad” foods. There are foods that are more nutritious than others. We should eat a significantly larger amount of nutritious foods in comparison to processed foods including the convenience of fast food. 
 Amps: What would you tell people reading this article about life?

Tanisha: Aim high! I limited myself to believing I could only place within the Top 5 when competing. When I changed my mindset to believing I was a champion, I became a champion winning 1st place and an overall. Discontinue the habit of placing limits on yourself. You’re never too old, too overweight, too lazy, don’t have the time, etc. to make your goals your reality. 
Amps: What is next for you?

Tanisha: Improving my physique in order to compete at a national level and become a bodybuilding Pro! Expanding my business to an online platform to allow me to serve more people in reaching their wellness goals.


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