Comedian/Actress Cocoa Brown

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AMPS: Hailing from Newport News, VA, Virginia Commonwealth University to DC and on to LA, Cocoa Brown is one of the most prolific comediennes and versatile performers of our time. You have had quite a journey. Tell us about your experience in the movie “The Single Mom’s Club”.00019730

Cocoa: It was a great experience working with Nia Long, Amy Smart, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Zulay Henao, Terry Crews, William Levy and of course, Tyler Perry. It was awesome and amazing to see myself on the big screen. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world. The movie is now on DVD. I’m just grateful that Mr. Perry gave me this opportunity.

AMPS: What is the latest on the sitcom “For Better or Worse”?

Cocoa: It’s going great. We have been renewed for another season on the OWN Network. We have finished shooting the 5th season – 22 episodes that will be aired this spring and we have been rated as the number one show on OWN.

AMPS: What other projects can we look forward to?

Cocoa: I will be headlining a one hour special on Bounce TV. Look for “Class in Session”. I’m preparing for a Centric All-Stars Comedy shoot for the Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas with Faizon Love, Kim Coles, Tony Rock, Donnell Rawlings and Bill Bellamy. I’m really excited about this. You can also look for me this spring in the movie “Ted 2”. I’m also starting a “Stage to Screen” workshop to aid and support comedic acting; I will be traveling to various cities with my workshop.

AMPS: How can someone sign up for your workshop?

Cocoa: You can reach out to me at

AMPS: How do you balance your career and being a single mom?

Cocoa: I can answer that with two words – “My Village”. I have incredible people in my life who support me, encourage me and this allows me to do what I do. The village helps me with my son and has my back in all things. I could not do this without them. With me having this incredible support system in place, it helps to alleviate feelings of guilt. I just have to make sure that I give my son all the love, nurturing and guidance that I can.

AMPS: Do you still do standup comedy?

Cocoa: Yes, I’m still traveling and doing standup comedy?

AMPS: How do you stay grounded with all of your success?

Cocoa: First and foremost, I recognize that all of my success comes from God. He has blessed me and I give honor and glory to him. I would not and could not do this on my own.

AMPS: How has your success impacted your privacy?000110050

Cocoa: I am recognized when I go out in public but my fans are very good about respecting my privacy. I am sometimes asked to take pictures or to sign autographs. I don’t mind. I think this is great. I never feel overwhelmed by my fans. Their interest just lets me know that they enjoy and appreciate my work.

AMPS: How did you get the name “One Funny Momma”?

Cocoa: I have always been told that I was funny and becoming a mother was inspirational for me. I just combined the two and came up with the name “One Funny Momma”.

AMPS: What is your contact information so we can continue to follow you?

Cocoa: You can keep in touch at;; http://instagram/com/@cocoabrownonefunnymomma;


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