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 Ashely Brown is a meteorologist from Indianapolis, Indiana. Growing up she always had dreams of reporting the weather and educating people about meteorology. She knew she had to work hard and do whatever it took to reach that dream. Ashley knew at a young age that she wanted to be a forecaster and she states that her love for meteorology began with a camera and her love for clouds. While growing up in Indiana Ashley attended North Central High School before furthering her education at Ball State University. She then went on to work for a few different weather channels before returning home to Indiana to become the chief meteorologist for WISH-TV.

AMPS: What have you been doing in the last five years since we last talked?

ASHLEY: Well, let’s see. Last time we talked I was doing mornings at RTV6. I was the morning weather person. After doing that for some time I went away to Cincinnati for a few years to work for WLWT-TV. Now I’m back in Indianapolis and I’m in charge of the weather department at WISH-TV. I am the chief meteorologist now at WISH, which is kind of a dream job. I get to run the department and also I get to forecast the 5 to 6 p.m. and 10 to 11 p.m. shows.

AMPS: What are some of your biggest challenges being chief meteorologist?

ASHLEY: The biggest challenge is probably the schedule. It is very long days and lots of responsibility. That is probably the biggest challenge because not only am I on air broadcasting, but I’m also making schedules and organizing the team. It can be a ton of work but it is definitely worth it.

AMPS: The last time we talked we discussed your childhood and your childhood dream to become a meteorologist. Have you reached your childhood dream, or is there a different goal you have set for yourself and that you wish to achieve?

ASHLEY: I think the dream changes when you get older. Things began to shift and you began to realize what you want in life. I am definitely living my childhood dream of being a meteorologist, and not only that, being chief meteorologist in my hometown. But now, my focus is moving towards helping other people. How can this platform put me in a position to help others?

AMPS: Last time we talked we asked for a quote or saying that means a lot to you. Tell me, do you have a new quote? Is there something that’s changed, that you live by now?

ASHLEY: Nothing has changed I still live by the same exact quote. Frederick Douglass: “Without struggle, there is no progress.” I believe that’s definitely true in my current position, because it’s not easy.

AMPS: Do you ever wish you could just pause life and linger in the moment?

ASHLEY: [Laughs] I wish, right? Press pause. If I had that ability then I’d be on point. But yeah there is just not enough hours in the day. I’ve grown and I’ve learned to fit everything into the hours that I do have. I’m growing even in this new position.

AMPS: Last time we talked you said you didn’t really have time for a personal life. Has that changed any and is there anybody special in your life?

ASHLEY: Yeah, I’m actually engaged now and I will be getting married at the end of this year. But as far as not having time, it’s still the same. I just met someone who’s understanding of that. [Laughs]

AMPS: I follow you on Twitter, and I noticed that you put a lot of images up. Especially images of clouds. Besides posting pictures what do you like to use your social media for?

ASHLEY: I use it for information, so I can keep people informed about the weather. I also use it as a way for people get to know me. I share parts of my life so people can get an inside look and so people can learn stuff about me. Even just pictures of clouds, because that’s what I like to see. I love the cloud pictures. It is so fascinating and intriguing to see and I love to share it.

AMPS: Do you have any words of wisdom, for young ladies in particular? Do you have anything you want to say to any of the girls out there?

ASHLEY: Yes absolutely. Work hard. Work hard and it will definitely pay off. If you work hard people will notice.


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