Ms. Jai and Swing Couples Coaching

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Swing and Ms. Jai were both born and reared in Texas.


AMPS: Were either one of you involved in any extracurricular activities in school?

Swing: I played basketball and I played forward for three years.

Ms. Jai: I was on the drill team and in the pep squad.

AMPS: What were your career goals in life as a teenager?

Swing: I wanted to be a police officer to protect and make the world a better place.

Ms. Jai: I wanted to be a veterinarian because I love animals.

AMPS: With so much negativity on social media, why did you decide to share your life in front of the world?

Ms. Jai: Well, when the pandemic started it for both of us. I lost a couple of people when the pandemic hit, so I started going on Tik-tok. Swing was on Tik-tok and that’s how we met, and we just started sharing our story.

AMPS: As social media influencers, how do you two respond to the negativity and judgmental feedback that plays a role with sharing your life?

Swing: Well, first of all you have to care, and they’re not in my life every day and everyone has an opinion and everyone is not going to like you.

Ms. Jai: Majority of the time we don’t respond to them and we don’t entertain them.

AMPS: Have you ever had someone who was obsessed with you? If so, how did you handle the situation?  

Ms. Jai: Yes. I have to put them on blast and let it be known just in case something happened. There was one time where I had someone from Instagram that was video calling and they kept calling and got mad when I didn’t answer. They sent a message asking why aren’t you answering, so at that point I had to address the situation so I did a whole Tik-tok video about it so that it just so it could be documented in case something happened.

AMPS: What motivated you two to start couples coaching?

Ms. Jai: It was actually the followers that requested information by asking questions, and then they started in boxing us to speak live about our relationship.

 AMPS: What strategies are utilized on how you respond to questions and do you think it’s helpful?

Ms. Jai: We signalized to the followers because we were asked how do you go about selecting people. I’m 56 and Swing is 51, and we’ve been through some things in our life.

It pertains to what your issue is and we always share what we’ve been through or what we can relate to or how we would go about handling it. But if it’s something that we’ve never experienced we don’t touch it.

AMPS: How can others benefit from what you two share?

Swing: The positive side and what works for us. We also let them know what works for us might not work for them and it’s according to how they go about it. We just stick to what works for us.

 Ms. Jai: Your love isn’t going to look like our love. You’re saying you want what we have and you can have that but it’s not going to look the same. It’s going to be different, because you have different personalities because you have different people involved in a relationship so it’s not going to look the same. I always tell people you can’t look at a sixty second video and base your life off of what you see off of Tik-tok, because Tik-tok is for entertainment purposes.  When we do our Tik-tok people always tell us that they can tell that we are real and authentic.

AMPS: What do you want your followers to know about you two?

Swing: We are your everyday regular people.

Ms. Jai: We are just regular people living our regular lives. I always tell people don’t judge and if you’re going to judge me, judge me by my heart and not by the lifestyle. People always want to look at the lifestyle and judge.

Swing: My name means dancing and it’s therapeutic.  

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