Rise Woman Rise.

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A door that constantly revolved.
Never the same suitor would she see.
One man in…another out, Her mother was defiant of morality.
From babe to teen…into a young woman she evolved.
Unaware of her value to the world
Of security and virtue was she robbed
As her desolate circle of life unfurled.

He shattered her fragile innocence.
Her Protector he was no more.
While the woman in whose womb she was nurtured….
Chose to ignore the constant visitor at her door.
With a broken spirit and a tortured soul, she blossomed into resentment and hate.
Though presently free of that circumstance, forever bound by the despair of her fate.

He saturated her ears with flowery words…her heart with excessive affection.
Such worth she had never felt before.
So she gave him her Love with no protection.
Distracted from schooling with His seed on her hip…
No support…for her… yielded only one choice.
So drop out she did, to take care of their kid
While Hopelessness restrained her heart’s voice.

An addiction more powerful than Life itself.
The demanding darkness consumed her soul.
She acknowledged nothing but her need to feed
In this conflict, she played the defeated role.
Ripped from her arms were the babes she conceived,
So their purity her sins would not taint.
Ripped from her heart was that beat of hope
Her chances for survival growing more faint….

Attracted to the Same, taunted for her lifestyle.
To be different was not a choice she made.
She tried to hide who was really inside
But that person was to strong to fade.
Fighting Internal Demons and Hostility from Heathens
Who sling opinions about her kind of Love.
Struggling to be understood and accepted by Man,
when her only Judgment should come from above.

In all of these women, both young and old
various sufferings connect their pain.
Though rooted and shaped in different backgrounds,
their struggles are all the same.

With all of your heart, be all that you are… and Progress to who you can be.
Take no heed of another’s unforgiving opinion.
For Man seldom recognizes the potential in what they see.

Abused you have been, but you will rise from the ashes.
Misused to no end, but you will move past it.
Temporarily conquered by your significant mistakes.
Returned safely from the brink of self-destruction by Faith.

Women…My Sisters, unite for this reason.
To Encourage. To Strengthen. To Uplift.
For in each of us is a piece of another…
Our presence here is God’s great gift.

D.D. Walker


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