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Like solar? Why wait for panels, politicians, or power companies? Just plug in and demand solar anywhere with SunPort.

SunPort™ is not your typical solar product. It doesn’t have solar panels and it won’t save you money. But it could help you save the planet.

Instead of making solar energy, SunPort makes real solar energy accessible and affordable so anyone can use it.

More solar use = more solar demand. And demand is the best way to attract more meaningful investment in solar projects.

So how can you get real solar without panels? You can’t. Real solar only comes from panels, but you don’t need to own them. You just need to ask the people with the panels for their energy.

Think of SunPort as a smart solar delivery device, or demand device. It solar-powers anything you plug in by measuring the electricity you take from any wall outlet and automatically upgrading it to solar using certified solar credits. No panels required.

Just $1-$2 in solar credits is enough to cover everything you can plug into a SunPort for a whole month. It makes choosing solar like choosing organic food or fair trade coffee. You pay a little more because you care about where it comes from.

We didn’t invent these solar credits. Officially called Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (S-RECs), a new one is created every time one megawatt-hour of real solar produced from real panels goes into the electric power grid. Using them is the only way to actually use solar without going off the grid. That’s why S-RECs were invented—to let anyone access solar power and help grow the solar energy market.

Here’s a helpful video from the EPA explaining how Renewable Energy Certificates work:

The big companies in the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Green Power Partner Program (you know their names) all upgrade their energy use like this, and we’ve hacked the system to let you do it, too.

Certified S-RECs are big chunks of solar, each one larger than a typical home’s entire monthly energy use. Our hack is simply breaking S-RECs down into much smaller increments calledSunJoule™ microcredits.

SunJoules are the right size for the small slices of power individuals use day-to-day, like powering a laptop or a gaming console. When a SunPort measures one kilojoule of grid electricity being used, it retires one SunJoule from the system and credits the SunPort’s owner with that amount of real solar use.

SunPort works with a nonprofit called ReChoice to acquire S-RECs and break them up into SunJoules. ReChoice is dedicated to giving all consumers choice over their source of electricity.

And for every dollar ReChoice spends acquiring the S-RECs to make SunJoules, they spend a matching dollar to build new solar panels on the roofs of other nonprofits.

Those nonprofits pay nothing for the solar equipment from ReChoice, but they benefit from a reduced operating budget for years because free power coming from those new solar panels permanently lowers their electric bill.

Those tiny little SunJoules really pack a punch. Real solar, new solar, and free energy for nonprofits. A triple win.

A little more solar installed by ReChoice is great, but it’s barely a sliver of what we need. We can overcome our non-renewable energy addiction once we have enough renewable sources like solar online, but we need dramatically more investment in solar and other projects to get it done.


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