Off The Field With Eric London

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Eric London was born in Houston, Texas. He has been playing football since he was a young child and he has become very skilled at the game. Caldwell Parish High School noticed his talent and quickly reached out to Eric in an attempt to recruit him. After taking a moment to consider his options, Eric agreed to commit to Caldwell Parish. Eric graduated May 11 of this year from the high school. While at Caldwell Parish Eric has rushed for a total of 2,641 yards. He averages 240.1 rushing yards per game and he has a total of 40 touchdowns. Eric has greatly surpassed the national average in each of these categories.


Amps: At what age did you realize that football was the sport that you wanted to play, and why?

Eric: At the age of five I participated and played many organized sports. But football was one sport I really excelled in. My dad played football growing up and I knew I wanted to be just like him. So once I stepped onto the field and gave it my best I knew football was the sport for me.

Amps: What position do you play?

Eric: I play the position of running back.

Amps: Have you always played a running back?

Eric: Well, when I first started my dad was my coach and when he played in high school he played defense. So he always had me playing on defense. The first couple of years I played linebacker, but when I turned 12 that’s when I started playing running back. I liked playing running back way more than playing linebacker. My dad wasn’t too happy about it at first, but he got use to it.

Amps: You got a scholarship to Henderson State in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Why did you choose that school instead of a school in your surrounding area?

Eric: All of the schools around me in my surrounding area like Grambling, Louisiana Teach, North Western, and ULM all passed me up. Some said that they had enough players already, and some passed me up because of my size. My coach was working really hard to get me and my quarterback a good offer that we liked. When I went to visit Henderson State I liked everything about the campus and football program. Not once were they doubtful taking a chance on me due to my size so I decided to commit there.

Amps: How did it make you feel that all of the colleges in your surrounding area passed you up because of your size?

Eric: I’ve never been a big kid. All my life I’ve been playing as hard as I could and I never thought my size would matter. At first it hurt, but at the end of the day I get to play football at the collegiate level. I’ve always wanted to do that so I’m satisfied.

Amps: What are you planning to major in and why?

Eric: I’m not really sure at the moment, but I’m thinking about majoring in Business Management. I’m really good in math and it’s my favorite subject so I feel that is my best option at the moment.

Amps: What are your plans after college if football doesn’t work out for you?

Eric: If football doesn’t work out I will probably go to work with my family’s contract driving business.

Amps: What advice would you give someone your age who is going through what you have gone through as far being rejected because of their size?

Eric: Always work as hard as you can and give it your all; because the proof is in the pudding. Never give up on your dreams.



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